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Receiving from Men

Beyond The Trap Of Morality

3 Part Telecall Series

starting April 22nd 2024

Call Details: 

1st Call: 22 April  - 7pm CET

2nd Call: 23 April - 8pm CET

3rd Call: 25 April - 7pm CET

Time & Date 1st Call:




Beyond The Trap Of Morality: 


Did you know that 'receiving' on this planet is immoral?

Did you know that 'pleasure and lust' are immoral?

Did you know further that having 'ease with men' is immoral too?

Anything that you do that’s fun is supposedly immoral.


Don't you think as well that we are living in a very interesting world?


But what would show up if we would go beyond the structures of morality?

How would your relationships be?

How would your finances be?

How would your body be?

How would your sex life be?


This is my invitation for you to go with me beyond the trap of morality

and explore what is possible

with 'Receiving from Men'.

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